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Matchbox cars are highly sought after diecast cars. These are great toys to own and collect. Below are our current listings of our Matchbox cars for sale. Collecting Matchbox cars requires a passion for adventure and excitement. Many of you must have collected the usual classic collectibles like coins, stamps, old pictures and etc. But have you ever collected matchbox cars? For those who want to be Matchbox cars collectors, here are a few guidelines on this. While real cars might cost you a fortune, new Matchbox cars for sale cost not more than a dollar. However, collecting miniature matchbox cars is as exciting as real cars. These Matchbox cars are casted exactly to replicate an original car model and have wheels that move and doors and covers that open. This precision of integrating finer details into the Matchbox cars was first inculcated by Lesney, the pioneers of Matchbox cars. It is said that representatives from Lesney would visit the automotive factories, showrooms, etc and take photographs of the real car model from all angles, take exact measurements and then take blueprint of the car design. This was later converted to one sixty-fourth of the original car and made into 6.5 cm Matchbox car which can sit in your palm. Nowadays, you can find thousands of Matchbox cars for sale on eBay, which for many have helped them earn fortunes. A recent analysis noted more than 1,000 Matchbox car models are found displayed anytime on the auction site for sale. So while buying or collecting Matchbox cars, a collector has to keep in mind a few vital points like rarity, the condition of the Matchbox car for sale, and popularity of the matchbox car for sale to add to its value. Most prefer collecting Matchbox car models which are rare or has variations. Rarity of Matchbox car diecast are either results of a limited edition released into the market by the manufacturing company intentionally to boost fast sales or model being taken back after a first release due to technical fault leaving just the first few lot on the market. This forms the basis for rare Matchbox car collectibles and serious collectors of Matchboxes make no mistake in collecting those rare pieces of car models. Also, age of the Matchbox car model itself makes it a contender for rarity. Also the variation in colors, car body die used, wheels, etc. by the age of the Matchbox car also add to make it a collectible item. Another important aspect to be taken care of before collecting Matchbox cars is the condition of the Matchbox car for sale. A good condition car can draw a better deal than an old, broken, rusty or repainted car, once it is put on auction for sale. Also make sure that the color of the original car paint is maintained. A repainted car will not deserve a good price. In short, the better Matchbox car condition, the better the value. Why are Matchbox car models like Models of Yesteryear, The Rolls Royce, The Coca-Cola Series, etc more collected as well as auctioned for sale at higher values? It is all because they rank high on the popularity charts. So when you set out collecting Matchbox cars, value the car on the basis of individuality and the X-factor. Please use the search function to find a specific model of Matchbox car for sale you are looking for.


What is your favorite Matchbox series?

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