Matchbox Convoy Trucks

We see them pass us on the roads and freeways daily. Convoy trucks keep our freighting and supply chains afloat. They are the spine to our commercial infrastructure and without them, our economy would suffer greatly. Almost every boy has a special place in their heart for these trucks as well. Whether it’s the graphics on the sides or the massiveness they don’t get to see on a regular basis, boys enjoy trucks and that’s all there is to it.

Matchbox brought them to life as they have a tendency to do in the Matchbox Convoy Trucks series. The Matchbox trucks date back as far as 1990 and have been running strong ever since. They’ve appeared as everything from our favorite fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s, our favorite sodas like Coca-Cola, and the support trucks for our favorite NASCAR drivers. They come in gas tankers, box trucks, car haulers, and every other form of big truck you could ever come across on the open road today. Kids love them for the same reason they love all Matchbox cars. You get to play with the things that you interact with on a daily basis.

It doesn’t stop with kids, though. The Matchbox Convoy Trucks series is highly sought after by collectors young and old. Some like them for their nostalgia as so many display logos from companies that have changed over the years. Others are truck drivers that enjoy having miniatures of the big rigs they drive around daily. Others are construction workers that enjoy seeing the miniatures of their equipment in a toy form. And there are still plenty of other reasons. The reason for collecting Matchbox cars is as unique as the individual. But we do know that for many, many years, the Matchbox Convoy Trucks series is a collection of cars admired by children and collector’s alike.

Whatever your reason or your passion, there’s sure to be a Matchbox Convoy Trucks series truck that wraps it up. Over the past years, we’ve seen trucks come and go but Matchbox keeps producing great ones. Some are tied to brands as promotional items while others carry the logos we’d normally see painted on the sides as they stroll down the freeway. The Matchbox name signifies collectible as much as it does toy so there are plenty of types abound to express the kid in all of us.


What is your favorite Matchbox series?

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